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Proven Quality is a football blog founded in February 2013 by some friends who spend far too much time watching football.

We write about football culture, absurdities in football, some of the larger-than-life characters involved in the game and a sprinkling of football news.

Our prime objective is to provide the highest quality long-form football news, analysis and expert opinion.

In line with our objective to be the thinking man’s football site, we look to walk a path that steers clear of conjecture and tabloid rumour journalism to focus on the mechanics, tactical intricacies and simple joys of the beautiful game.

The name ‘Proven Quality’ is a commonly used football rhetoric used by managers, pundits and fans to describe a player who has already proven his (or her) ability at a high level.

The Proven Quality website was designed and developed by mabujo, a web design company in Marbella.

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