Are Americans Finally Seeing Sense?

A great amount of effort, time and money has been invested in the promotion of soccer in the United States. Despite this, the beautiful game has not been seen as a major sport in North America.

David Beckham has been at the forefront of plugging the sport on US soil, putting plans in place to build his very own football franchise. Beckham, along with all the others who have attempted to market football to the American public, have faced the same prominent issue. ‘Soccer is un-American’. This is the opinion of a large percentage of Americans who see football as a European concept which is better off left alone. In reality, the states remain one of the only countries in the world who don’t see football as a major sport.

The trend is however starting to change. And there is also a great amount of cause to suggest this. The US soccer team have been cheered on by an army of travelling supporters in Brazil for the World Cup. Outnumbering many prominent footballing nations in the process. As well as this, football television ratings across the country have soared to reach a recorded high. With the team progressing to the knockout phases of the competition, this can only aid the popularity of soccer in the states.

In football, success is naturally followed by added support and higher public interest. I am in no way suggesting that fans in the states are coat-tailing the U.S.A team’s recent successes. Nor am I hinting that all the hype surrounding the sport will die after the World Cup. Far from it. In fact, when analysed, the English style football has been steadly gaining popularity in the states for the last few years. Fans are now consistently turning up in their legions to regularly watch MLS games.

After countless generations being dominated by the likes of baseball, basketball and hockey, soccer is spearheading itself into American culture. There’s no hiding the fact the national side faces limitations on the international stage, but so do many others. Football loving nations such as Italy, Portugal and England all went into Brazil 2014 not expecting big things.

They may not be world beaters just yet but the American soccer team have however proved they can be a real handful for most teams. Experienced manager Jurgen Klinsmann has been credited for his team’s impressive displays on the field and with time you feel they can only improve. As well as this, the country itself certainly has potential to improve on the pitch. The states possess the funds, the resources and the demographics required to be a major international football team.

So although football in America isn’t quite there yet, it is certainly a growing industry within that part of the world. Following up on this year’s World Cup successes will be a key indication to whether the sport can firmly establish itself nationally as a dominant and popular concept.
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About me: I am a keen aspiring football writer currently studying a degree in Sport Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University. I am a passionate Derby County fan and have been all my life, as well as a lover of football in general. I hope you can enjoy and relate to my work and all feedback is very much appreciated.
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