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A demanding pre-medical curriculum at Baylor University does not keep Gilbert from missing any Premier League action. As avid an Arsenal supporter as he is, he is not too blinded by his faith in Arsene Wenger to discuss all matters football related. Denied studying writing as a career by his parents, he is a busy student at Baylor University, beginning research in a Genetics lab next year, spearheading an annual Health Fair for impoverished youth and spending the last two spring breaks in Costa Rica working with a school of Nicaraguan refugees. His hobbies include drinking too much coffee, fixing his slowly deteriorating bicycle, and fantasizing about a Fabregas return.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, and growing up in a minuscule town outside of Sequoia National Forest, his move to Las Vegas was rather unforeseen. An even greater surprise was how he wound up in Texas for schooling. Despite the culture shock, Gilbert loves his new town, but plans on living in Las Vegas and pursuing a career in Sports Medicine. He breaks typical American convention and refuses to call the sport he so adores 'soccer.' He does love American Football, as long as the New England Patriots are playing, that is. He despises baseball and his lactose intolerance has taken his love for almond milk to an unhealthy level.

Feel free to contact Gilbert with any comments, concerns, or threats at He is always ready for a chat about football and is an amiable enough fellow.