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Jeremy Lebor's background is one of matrimonial and family law. He spent a number of years successfully in the entertainment industry both as an artist manager and an agent/promoter, with acts in the UK, Europe, Asia, Caribbean and United States, working with an eclectic array of artistes... He currently spends his time between London/Brighton & Hove on the south coast of England.

Writing, amongst many other varied interests is something that Jeremy is very passionate about! - As such, he is a published author and also a regular social media contributor.

Jeremy is an avid soccer fan and life long season ticket holding Arsenal ‘mad gooner’ supporter. Although his bias is towards Arsenal, he is big enough to comment on all teams both here in the UK and Europe… whether good or bad! - He regularly ‘tweets’ on all things Arsenal together with football issues and sport in general. He definitely loves a bit of banter too! - You can follow Jeremy on twitter: @jeremylebor

Guard of Honour… Nooooooooo!

With Manchester United having won the Premier League last Monday beating Aston Villa 3-0, much has been made of Arsenal giving Manchester United a ‘guard of honour’ prior...

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Return of the Three Musketeers!

With Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Reading last weekend out of the way, and a baron week for the players without competing in the Champions League, the next challenge facing the Gunners...

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Doping at Barcelona – Really?

Last month I wrote an article:- Corruption in Football? You can’t be serious!, following on from immense media speculation that matches were being fixed. Like any sensational...

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Arsène Wenger wants blood!

Whether you love him or hate him, and there are plenty of people who do both, there is no doubt that le professor, Arsène Wenger, Arsenal manager of 16 years plus, is an extremely...

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