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Founder of Proven Quality and a network of Football news aggregator sites, John lives in Spain, and has also lived in France, Germany and the UK. John can be found tweeting under the provenquality handle.

Goals of the Week[end] 8th April 2013

It's the second week in April and it's a fantastic time of the season for football fans, with the games coming thick and fast. With the winners of nearly of the major European...

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Goals of the Week[end] 2nd April 2013

Alright folks, Are you ready for a new week of football or are you still feeling worse for wear after over-indulging on chocolate and booze? Here at Proven Quality we're sitting...

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Goals of the Week[end] 18th March 2013

We've got a right treat in store for you Goals of the Week fans today including a cracking strike from Poland and two corking over-heads from the Scottish Premier League. Let's...

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Goals of the week[end] 11th March 2013

It's been a busy day here at Proven Quality towers, but it's Monday and Monday means Goals of the Week. We don't want to let our loyal reader down so here's a very quick Goals...

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Goals of the Week[end] 4th March 2013

We're back again with another round-the-world tour of goals. It was another bumper weekend packed with great goals and as always we've done our best to round them all up for you in GIF form....

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Fan tributes on football kits

In modern football, influenced as it is by mega-money television deals, big spending sugar daddies and soaring ticket prices, many football fans have been beginning to feel...

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