Marta's articles

Marta is not a writer but an explorer. Her never ending curiosity towards many different topics makes want to never miss an opportunity to discover and experience new challenges. Writing for this blog is one of them, as from the hundred times she imagined herself as a well-known author, sports articles had never before crossed her mind, but it has turned to be a really enjoyable activity mixing her passion for football and the pleasure of writing.

She grew up in a medium-sized city by the seaside in southern Spain. When she became an adult, she decided that living in many different countries would be the best way to be able to "live different lives". And so the past ten years she has been meeting different cultures around Europe which has really enriched her in many aspects.

Marta will be writing from time to time about things happening in La Liga's world. She is an unconditional supporter of Atletico de Madrid C.F, the Spanish national football team, and fair play. She has recently also become a fan of the Premier League and 4-match-watching marathons on Sundays.

Marta also runs a school for Spanish in Tours called Hola Lola.

Trust takes more than a blank Sheikh

“The key for Malaga is in the winning character of its players, and their personality”.These are the words of an euphoric Manuel Pellegrini after Malaga’s historical qualification...

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Run Colchoneros, run!

Atlético de Madrid fans are trembling with fear. Simeone, make a miracle, for God’s sake don’t let us down. The Colchoneros have prevented Mourinho and his boys from stealing...

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