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Novice (key word, novice) freelance football (or soccer as people call it in the States) journalist based in New York. Lifelong fan of the beautiful game but only started putting my thoughts down on paper last year after numerous suggestions from friends and family who were sick of me running my mouth 24-7 (just kidding). Currently write for several websites, including These Football Times, Soccer Souls, Forza Italian Football, Soccer Lens, and my own personal blog, Mishka's Musings. Primarily support AC Milan and Chelsea, as well as the Ghanaian and Italian NT's, but you'll find me watching the Bundesliga and La Liga as well--enjoy a good game, regardless of where it's being played. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @MichelleB289...I'm always willing to chat (or argue) about all things football and suggestions as well as critiques are always welcome.