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Omari Kaseko is a Television Producer and lover of football with a passion for writing about European football. Omari is based in Washington D.C. Follow Omar Kaseko on Twitter @Omar_Kaseko or email him directly at

Finally, Neymar has arrived

Neymar with Lionel Messi
I was in Brazil during this year's World Cup. The Brazilian national team jersey was being sold everywhere – you could easily buy the jersey in any store in the country. What...

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Arsenal – Changes badly needed

Arsène Wenger
Let’s look back to the 2003/04 Premier League season – the season in which we experienced the full power of Arsenal, a team full of confidence, maturity, ideas, and a high...

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The Barcelona We Knew Will Never Be Back

Back in 2012 when I was watching a Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match with a friend, I told my friend that we would never see the Barcelona of Pep Guardiola again. I told him to enjoy...

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