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About me: I am a keen aspiring football writer currently studying a degree in Sport Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University. I am a passionate Derby County fan and have been all my life, as well as a lover of football in general. I hope you can enjoy and relate to my work and all feedback is very much appreciated.

Are Americans Finally Seeing Sense?

A great amount of effort, time and money has been invested in the promotion of soccer in the United States. Despite this, the beautiful game has not been seen as a major sport...

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Football Can Be a Cruel Game

Irish international and Derby County’s central defender Richard Keogh must be sick and tired of the beautiful game after what can only be described as a horror month for the Ram’s...

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Fearless Lions

On the day the England players leave the country for their upcoming tune up matches before the World Cup, the question is; are England going to release the shackles which have...

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