Brazil 1-7 Germany – Germans spoil Brazilian party

Brazil 1 - 7 Germany

Oh dear Brazil. Dear oh dear, oh dear. You had one job. And you totally blew it. You shot it and buried it under the Copacabana sand.

All the Brazilian supporters wanted was to see their national side progress through to the World Cup Final, and a good performance to go with it. Well they got neither, they got humiliated and their side played horrifically.

Pre-match there had been serious doubts as to whether Brazil were actually that good. They looked decent going forward but defensively, they were always prone to a mistake – we saw it when Marcelo passed the ball into the back of his own goal in the opening game against Croatia, and when the news came through that star man Neymar would miss the rest of the tournament with a broken back, more and more people were backing the Germans to beat them.

The Germans didn’t just beat Brazil. They humiliated Brazil. They embarrassed Brazil in their own back yard. Yet there are still some people who can’t wait to criticise them, god knows why.

Thomas Müller broke the deadlock after 11 minutes. Then Miroslav Klose made it 2 on 23 minutes. One minute later, Tony Kroos made it 3. Two minutes after that, Kroos doubled his tally to make it 4. On 29 minutes it was FIVE. Sami Khedira scored that one (that’s right, Sami Khedira scored). By this stage, the Brazilian fans were totally dejected, shocked and disgusted at what they were seeing. The half time whistle was a relief – for the fans, players, and for Scolari. But it didn’t end there, André Schürrle was brought on in the Second Half and added two more, one of which was a beauty. Oscar got a consolation, but the damage was already done.

Brazil’s defending was terrible. David Luiz was so poor, and that’s because he is just not a defender. He goes charging out of his position, misses the ball and player completely, therefore leaving gaps in behind for the Germans to exploit. And boy did they exploit them. Dante was equally as bad (I’ve never understood the obsession with Dante). Marcelo was shocking. Maicon not much better.

They were awful up front as well. Fred is not an international footballer, I’m sorry, he is not. He offered absolutely nothing. Hulk is supposed to be a world-class talent, well not from what I saw, and not just in that game, he was poor throughout the whole tournament.

For as bad as Brazil were, Germany were absolutely fantastic. Very efficient, clinical and classy. Manuel Neuer deserves so much credit, his reactions are so fast and he is easily the best keeper in the world in my opinion. He was even genuinely annoyed when he conceded!

Miroslav Klose is a legend and congratulations to him for breaking the World Cup goal record – make no mistake, that is a massive achievement.

What a game of football. Eight goals. 7 of them going against the host nation. Germany in the final, whoever plays them knows they will have a tough task if they want to get their hands on that amazing trophy. But let’s give Germany the credit they deserve, yes Brazil were truly terrible but the sad thing is, we all know they’d probably have beaten England.

Dan is an aspiring sports journalist from Surrey. He is a Fulham season ticket holder and regularly attends away matches. Dan has been writing for Proven Quality since April 2014. Feel free to get in touch, his email is
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