Brendan Rodgers: Needs time, or just a mediocrity?

Brendan Rodgers, former manager of Watford, Reading, Swansea and now managing Liverpool FC.

In his first ten league games in charge of Championship side Watford, he managed just two wins, leaving them stranded in the relegation zone, but managed to guide them to 13th place at the end of the season. 32 games, just the 13 wins. Which isn’t exactly brilliant for a manager of his ‘calibre’.

It got worse at Reading. Got off to a good start in the league, then fell apart. Rodgers left by mutual consent after just 6 months in charge. 23 games, only 6 (six) wins. Again, even more shocking than he was at Watford.

His Swansea City career however showed his managerial ‘prowess’. Swansea thumped Ipswich 4-1 at Wembley in the play-off and gained promotion to the Premier League. Rodgers’ first time in the top flight saw him avoid the drop and finish 11th. 93 games in charge, an impressive 46 wins, which is great… if you’re a Championship side.

Now managing Liverpool, and a successor to Kenny Dalglish, who’d led Liverpool to their first trophy in six years. Up to date, Rodgers has shown mere glimpses of what he can do. It’s been 40 games and all we see is inconsistency, hardly enough wins, complacency and the lack of the ability to see out games.

As a Liverpool fan, I’ve seen us knock 4 or 5 past teams over the years and conceding either one or none. Now our team’s scared of corners. With Kenny we weren’t scoring many, but we weren’t conceding many either.

I understand that he may improve with time, but there’s no need for blind faith. As of yet, he hasn’t proven himself. Yes, there is some progress but labelling him ‘the next Shankly’? Isn’t that pushing it a bit? I mean he’s hardly shown that he can adapt his style for certain games. Plan A will work, until teams work it out. And we clearly don’t have a Plan B.

‘Give him a few transfer windows’ is the best one I’ve heard. Are we really expecting a brand new team? Although, I will credit him for signing Sturridge. According to some, we’re a team in transition. Funny that we’ve been in transition since Rafa left, it’s dragged on a bit this transition, hasn’t it? At the moment, it’s not looking too good.

His over-ambition in his interviews makes rival fans laugh at us. ‘We can finish 2nd’ and ‘we’re not far from Man United’ are up there with the worst. After losing to Oldham, he tore into the youth players, which, in my opinion, was understandable, then in his next interview claimed it was ‘more my fault than theirs’. Contradicted himself, hardly a wise move. His words really make you wonder sometimes; is he just trying to sugar-coat the rubbish and divert attention from his blatant shortcomings?

At the moment, we’re 9th, out of every domestic cup bar the Europa League and below Everton (again).

He came to Liverpool as an unproven manager. No honours. Hasn’t really done anything major. Starring in ‘Being: Liverpool’ is his biggest achievement at Liverpool so far.

Brendan Rodgers has divided fans opinions. His own doing. I will still back him, that’s what supporters do. But I won’t nestle so far up his posterior like some do. I’ll give him time to prove himself, if he doesn’t, I’ll leave that to our obviously interested owners.

He needs to turn things around, and fast. Do it for yourself, for the fans, but more importantly, do it for Lucas, Mr. Rodgers, starting from today.

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