Favela World Cup photo gallery

This photo gallery collects my photos from the Favela World Cup organised by Football Beyond Borders in Salvador de Bahia on the 15th June 2014.

Conceived as a legacy project, the Favela World Cup brought together visitors and local residents in teams representing each of the eight teams playing in Salvador during the World Cup group stage – Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland, Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With most members of the community unable to afford a match ticket for FIFA’s event, the favela world cup brought some of the excitement into their community and gave visitors a chance to meet and play football with local people from one of Salvador’s favelas. It was a priviledge to be involved and to witness a brilliant tournament, which was ultimately won by the team representing Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Founder of Proven Quality and a network of Football news aggregator sites, John lives in Spain, and has also lived in France, Germany and the UK. John can be found tweeting under the provenquality handle.
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