Turkish former referee claims UEFA fixed Champions League draws with ‘vibrating balls’

File this one under ‘you couldn’t make this up’ (or could you?). One thing that is always predictable about high-profile draws for the latter stages of cup competitions is that someone, somewhere will claim that the draw was rigged to favour certain teams.

This morning, according to reports in the Spanish and Turkish press, Turkish former referee and current sports broadcaster Ahmet Çakar has claimed that UEFA manipulated the recent draws for the Champions League and Europa League, in order to guarantee that big clubs and clubs from the same country would not meet until the semi final stage.

In a broadcast on Turkish television, the ex-referee demonstrated the system that he believes was used to manipulate the draws. He claims that UEFA secretary Gianni Infantino was secretly manipulating a lever, which would cause certain balls in the draw pot to emit a vibration, which the person drawing the balls (which in recent events have included Patrick Kluivert and Steve McManaman) would sense to draw the ‘correct’ balls.

Çakar’s live drawing showed him drawing the same line-up as the official draw, which kept both Real Madrid and Barcelona, and Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich apart.

Previously, UEFA was accused by others of fixing the December drawing after the practice and live drawings both produced the same results, and in 2003 Sir Alex Ferguson was fined £5,000 by UEFA for saying :

“It was a nice draw for the Spanish and Italians – I think they picked it themselves. The three Italian teams have avoided each other and so have the three Spanish teams. How do you think that worked out? I can tell you – UEFA don’t want us in the final, that’s for sure. I don’t know why they have given the final to Old Trafford because they don’t want us to get there.”

UEFA is yet to respond to the latest claims.

Video footage from Turkish television :


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  • i thnk it is true!

  • Berry

    UEFA is always a cheat #scum

  • I thought English FA is corrupt then i found UEFA.

  • wouldn’t put it past them scum

  • Peter Barwich

    Even with 3 teams from one nation in the quarter final draw the chances of two of them meeting is only 1/35. In 2006/7 England had 3 teams, they avoided each other and all ended up in the semis. UEFA was not going to let that happen again, so when 3 English teams were in the quarter final draw in 07/08, 08/09, and 10/11 two of them were drawn together each time. The chances of that are less than 25 in a million, so we can be sure that was fixed.

  • Roberto Grieco

    why you put italians teams there? did you watch what italian teams had to play against?? Barcelona and Bayern never easy team to beat and they just lost it. Rather than implying italian teams why dont you come complete clean, spain and spanish clubs are FIFA and UEFA babies now since world cup 2010 were you saw how portugal, paraguay and other teams got robbed and the only scandal we heard was the karate kid issue. Why the referee dont talk about referees in FIFA or UEFA and how they are instructed to manipulate the games? maybe it is because he is a referee. Why UEFA dont use technology for a soccer match? what is the real reason behind? cost? their offcials spend more money in prostitute, hotels and dinner meeting than the cost of technology for each field. BTW, also German club got benefit at some point so maybe you should consider that as well or maybe doping. yes doping, doping is eating soccer away and is already explain that anti-doping doctors and tests are way behind that doctor paid by big clubs. Anyway you look at it, soccer we all love is tainted and no organization is doing anything about it and our kids who play the sport are at risk, if not teach them well, to get involve in cheating and doping at young ages. Now they use RACISM as their smoke screen to diverge attention form other matterss..

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