Is it Arsenal’s year?

A shot of the interior of Arsenal's Emirate Stadium

Every year we hear the same thing…“This year could be Arsenal’s year”. And every year we all get disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive Arsenal fan and I want us to win a trophy more than anyone else.

One question to ask you is: Is our squad good enough to win the FA Cup, get Champions League football next year and have a chance to win it?
My answer would have to be no. My reasoning behind this is; Jack Wilshere is playing too much. He is a fantastic talent and we’re lucky to have someone of that talent in our team. But he’s just come back from 17 months out and he’s playing every single game. Every time he goes into/comes out of a tackle he is clutching his ankle, the one that kept him out of action for almost a year and a half.

If we had a squad like Manchester United or Chelsea he would have been rested every other game. With Arsenal that is not possible.

The way our defence is looking at the moment I am not looking forward to Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich at the Emirates. We do not look good enough to handle Robben, Ribéry, Muller and Gomez for a full 90 minutes. To have a chance against Bayern we need to start playing from the word go because lately we have only turned up during the second half.

Arsène Wenger lifts the FA Cup trophy in 2005

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Arsène Wenger lift a trophy

Can we win a trophy?

I think we can. We have a great chance to win the FA Cup. Our Last 16 tie is against Blackburn at the Emirates. Unless we are very poor on the day we should beat them comfortably. We are only a few games away from Wembley because the semi-finals are played there. The only reason it will take longer than 2 games is because of a replay. If we beat Blackburn the possibility of silverware will become a lot greater. I’m 17 and for over half my life we haven’t won anything!

There’s no denying that when Arsenal are on form we are one of the best sides in the world. Netting 4 in 10 minutes against West Ham, that shows that we do have class and can play at a very high standard when on form.

Will we get top 4 this season?

This is something we have managed to get every year for 15 years, Champions League football. Tottenham are playing some very good football this season and a top 4 finish is drifting further and further away from us. The only thing that is keeping me thinking we will get top 4 is the fact we always do, year after year we get in the top 4. Also in February 2012 we were a massive 13 points behind our rivals and yet, we still finished 3rd in the Premier League.

How have our summer signings performed so far?

The little Spaniard had an electrifying start to the campaign. Cazorla slotted into our team straight away. His performances haven’t been as good as the season’s gone on, but there’s no doubt that he can change a game. His vision and the ability to pass how he does is just incredible. I’ll still remember that beautiful goal he scored against West Ham earlier in the season.

Podolski has taken a while to settle into the Premier League and this Arsenal side but now he’s proved himself. He’s proven what a magnificent player he is. I can’t say much about Podolski at the minute because he has just found his form.

Giroud is like Podolski in the sense that he took a while to settle in. It took him over 20 appearance to reach 10 goals. Now he is scored some magnificent goals and is assisting too. I remember after a few games people were saying how he is the “new Chamakh”, how he was going to ”flop”. I’m sorry to disappoint these people but Giroud has not “flopped”.

The big question; should Wenger go?

Being an Arsenal for most of my life, this is a very hard decision. I can’t stand here and deny how much he has done for the club. He is an incredible manager. The way he develops young players is just amazing. In my opinion Wenger’s time at the club is up.

Joe Strummer violently strums and electric guitar

Wenger : Should he stay or should he go?

Reasons why:

  • He hasn’t won a trophy in 8 years.
  • He’s lost his winning mentality (bringing on a defensive player when it’s 0-0 against Villa).
  • He won’t spend money in the transfer window. We need quite a few players and he only bought one, and that was only because Gibbs got injured the day before against Liverpool.
  • Has the stupidest wage structure. My mate told me that last season our wage budget was the same as Manchester City’s, yet we wouldn’t give Robin van Persie the 200k we should have.

People might say I know nothing about Arsenal as I’m young. But I’m old enough to have seen OUR club turn from one of the best in the world to maybe not even a top 4 team anymore.

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