Return of the Three Musketeers!

With Arsenal’s 4-1 win over Reading last weekend out of the way, and a baron week for the players without competing in the Champions League, the next challenge facing the Gunners is an away trip to West Brom on Saturday. Jack Wilshere is on the mend and may even make the bench. Theo Walcott is working hard to get fit again, with Arsène Wenger talking up his qualities and how he will soon find the back of the net more often. So, apart from analysing the remaining eight games and qualification for a Champions League spot, talk has already started about whom Arsenal will buy in the close season to strengthen the squad (and who may leave…)

Over the last few days suggestions have been muted by media, agents and even the players themselves that one, two or three of the ‘Three Musketeers’ could return to the Emirates… namely, Na$ri, Fabregas and Song – What? I hear you say… No, I haven’t lost the plot (well not completely) – I was talking at length with my pal ‘H’, the not so fat London Taxi Driver (you remember him?) about this only yesterday and we debated it for quite some time…


It sounds completely ridiculous doesn’t it? – Is it really such an idiotic idea?


The thought of Samir Nasri returning to Arsenal will send most Gooners over the edge I am sure, but talk has been rife over the last week or so from his camp, after he spoke to French television channel BeIN Sport of how “Arsène Wenger is the best manager he has ever worked with” and how “Arsène Wenger made me the player I am”.

Theo Walcott, Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas and Alex Song celebrate against Chelsea

Our three departed bench warmers in happier times

All very nice, but this is clearly being engineered I suggest to get him out of Manx City, where let’s be brutally honest, he has been sh*t and a failure. Roberto Mancini has publicly stated that Na$ri needs a slap (I agree) and clearly all is not well at the Ethiad for Na$ri.

There has been suggestion that he didn’t want to leave Arsenal and Kronke forced him out. There have also been suggestions that he was never offered a new deal and Kronke wanted to cash in… Whether that is true or not, somehow I feel that Arsenal supporters would struggle to accept him back. Yes, on his day he is talented – that is not in dispute; but loving the club with a passion, as did Adams, Vierra, Henry and Jack does today is the least that all hardened Gooners would expect. Even Cesc to an extent was (and still is in my opinion) a true Gooner at heart. There of course is the other side of the coin where supporters are forgiving and if a player does it week in and week out they forget quite quickly… Sorry, not this supporter! – What do you think? Would you take Na$ri back?


Cesc Fàbregas’ departure to Barcelona was always on the cards and to be honest, he always stated he wanted to return to his boyhood club one day. You do have to respect him for that. It is sort of common knowledge that like Henry and Vierra before him, he told Wenger privately that he wanted to leave, but agreed to stay on for another year before finally departing as he was asked to do by Wenger.

Cesc Fabregas sits on a bench for Barcelona

Does the grass look greener from the bench?

Currently, Cesc is plying his trade with arguably the best club team in Europe, namely Barcelona. He does not command a starting place, and I cannot see him being first choice over Iniesta, or Xavi at any point. Yes, he has won trophies, but with his talent it is not just about being a bench warmer with the odd appearance. He wants to play week in and week out as most footballers want to do. I say most, as there is no doubt a few who are happy to sit on the bench and pick up their pay cheque regardless. Cesc is not that type of player or person in my opinion.

Would he leave Barcelona? I have no concrete evidence at all or even heard any suggestion or rumours to that effect, but I say don’t rule it out. Just a hunch! – Would he go and join his hero Guardiola at Bayern Munich… I doubt it, again just a gut feeling.

Someone who I follow on twitter @GeoffArsenal and has more followers (some 44,000 plus) than the Spuds could ever fit into a stadium (literally), recently said on his timeline “Oh @cesc4official why don’t you just come home Son” and got abuse for it!

I have no doubt I will get it in the neck for suggesting Cesc would even consider returning to Arsenal, but he knows the club, he knows Wenger and he would not need to adjust to our style of play… I would have Cesc back in a heartbeat! – I think every supporter would… even the neutrals… wouldn’t you?


Alex Song apparently didn’t want to leave Arsenal. Really? Well so they say. He has featured little if at all since moving to the Nou Camp, and like Cesc is the type of player who wants to play week in and week out. Will he get a continual run in the Barcelona team… I am not so sure he will, certainly not in the short term. There are rumours (and I accept most rumours are boll*cks) that there could be some sort of swap deal involving Vermaelen. Our captain is currently out of favour, but I suggest he has not been the same player this season he was last… simply I suggest because he doesn’t have Song playing in front of him!

A bemused looking Alex Song sits out another Barcelona game

Alex Song has been in good company on Barcelona’s bench

Song is the DM we are missing. I accept that no one player controls a team, but if you look at Van Purse Strings goals last season, how many were created by Song? – He has the quality, despite being a nothing when he arrived at Arsenal. Again, although little is said about it, I suggest his development was down purely to Wenger!

Would I like to see Vermaelen leave Arsenal? I am not sure I would want him to go to another Premier League club, but if given the choice today between Vermaelen or Song I think I would take Song back… and there is also the curse of the captains armband scenario (be made captain and you’re going to leave eventually). My only comments on the captains armband theory is this…Please don’t make Jack captain!

Last Word…

They say you should never go back, nor should you take a player back… but that to me is just foolish if it works for both parties. Wenger is not the sort of manager who likes to break with tradition, but he did it with Sol Campbell and also Thierry Henry of course, so why not with either Fabregas or Song… or even both!

Both players know our style of play, the surroundings, the club (in depth) the staff and wouldn’t need the customary adjustment period. Is there any sort of reality that perhaps one, two or dare I say, all three of them will return… probably not, however, as I was always taught when I was a kid… Never say never!

Come on you Gooners!

Jeremy is an avid soccer fan and life long season ticket holding Arsenal ‘mad gooner’ supporter. Although his bias is towards Arsenal, he is big enough to comment on all teams both here in the UK and Europe… whether good or bad! - He regularly ‘tweets’ on all things Arsenal together with football issues and sport in general. He definitely loves a bit of banter too! - You can follow Jeremy on twitter: @jeremylebor
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