Run Colchoneros, run!

Atlético de Madrid fans are trembling with fear. Simeone, make a miracle, for God’s sake don’t let us down. The Colchoneros have prevented Mourinho and his boys from stealing second place in La Liga from them until now, but these days they are walking the tightrope.

Last weekend, the “rojiblancos” did not take advantage of the opportunity provided by Real Madrid’s defeat in the Clásico to keep 5 points advantage over Real and cut back the distance to the untouchable leader. The 0-0 result of the match against Malaga left them just 2 points away from Real Madrid in third. This coming weekend represents a real danger for the team, Barcelona is confronting Deportivo La Coruña and Madrid will be fighting against Celta Vigo, 20th and 18th in BBVA’s classification respectively, whereas Atlético is facing a harder battle with Real Sociedad, currently 6th in the table.

On Sunday, we need the Colchoneros to light up their fire. We need Falcao to show us the tiger; we want him to roar as never before. We need Costa to practice some Yoga and channel his energy; we want him to turn his fury into goals. We need Thibaut Courtois to delight us with his best jumps and pirouettes to protect Atlético Madrid’s goal from the enemy.

The combat for second place is going to become a struggle to fight day after day till the end of the season, there is no room for rest. Now is the time for Atlético to show they can also play good quality football, to show that they can make the stadium shake, and let us all feel they deserve to be at the top of La Liga.

Real Madrid will probably be their worst nightmare for the upcoming months. The cherry on the cake will be the Copa del Rey final on the 17th May. Cristiano Ronaldo and his entourage will not make it easy for Diego Simeone. Our Black Knight will have to ride at full speed not to be left behind and bring his team to glory.

The big race begins this weekend and you have a date with the best Spanish football. On Saturday, Barcelona vs. Deportivo La Coruña at 8pm, and on Sunday 10th, Celta Vigo vs. Real Madrid at 7pm and Atlético de Madrid vs. Real Sociedad at 9pm (GMT +1). Run Colchoneros, ruuuuunnn!!!!

Marta will be writing from time to time about things happening in La Liga's world. She is an unconditional supporter of Atletico de Madrid C.F, the Spanish national football team, and fair play. She has recently also become a fan of the Premier League and 4-match-watching marathons on Sundays. Marta also runs a school for Spanish in Tours called Hola Lola.
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