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internet_loveWe’re not alone in our crusade for quality football writing on the internet, below are a list of sites that are fighting the good fight…

200% – Quite football-hipstery in composition, has often dared to write about clubs and topics barely mentioned in other media. Once wrote about the mighty Woodford Halse United (the club that witnessed both the glorious beginning and tragic end of my illustrious footballing career) so they’re all good with us.

Foot and Ball – A fairly new site, but has been building up a history of interesting and intelligent posts.

Bundesliga Fanatic – A beautifully designed site that covers everything pertaining to German football, the Bundesliga and the German national team.

Footy Place – Focussed on the Premier League with well-thought out blogs and a pleasing amount of statistics

Futbolgrad – A thoroughly interesting blog covering all levels of football in post Soviet space. Great work, comrades!

A fine lung – Not always about football, but always interesting and thought-provoking.

The Football Attic – Billing itself as ‘the home of football nostalgia’, The Football Attic delves delightfully into the game’s past, nudging your memory with posts about quaint football paraphernalia from yesteryear – think Subboteo, Panini stickers and Shoot! magazine.

Futfanatico – An always intelligent and often tongue-in-cheek site, features quite a bit of meta-journalism about the state of football writing.

In Bed With Maradonna – As brilliant as it is bewildering to navigate, lovely site with plenty of football geekery.

Spirit of Mirko – More football geekery with some well presented and researched posts delving into infrequently sought statistics.

A Football Report – Well written and well designed, A Football Report brings plenty of in-depth coverage on football culture.

Football Shirt Culture – An indispensable for football kit nerds, covers news on kit deals, new kit releases and an impressive archive of club kits.

The False 9 – Plenty of in-depth analysis of tactics, thoroughly readable even if you’re not a tactics nerd.

Football365 – One of the largest and longest running football sites, mostly covers football news but also features some excellent analytic observation.

25 / 7 Sports Blog – Has a penchant for displaying football data in lovely, easily digestible infographic format.

Patrick Collins –  Some fascinating insights from an ex pro, unfortunately seems to have buggered off as quickly as he burst onto the blogging scene.

442 Performance – One of the biggest football sites and magazines, their performance section has some brilliant articles and videos from current and retired players and managers that are of great use to amateur managers and armchair analysts alike.

Les Cahiers du Football (french) – Plenty of insight on French football, got plenty of exposure recently when they made The Times look pretty stupid over a badly sourced article.

When Saturday Comes – The original thinking man’s football magazine, now also putting out good content on the web.

KCKRS – General football blog, often brilliant, sometimes a little meme-y.

One Touch Soccer – Thoroughly readable and well researched tactical posts and in-depth analysis. Just how we like it.

Outside of the Boot – Great blog, especially good tactical analysis and scout report sections.

The Inside Left – Their tagline is “Proudly bringing you none of the latest news, gossip and scores”, which neatly sums up what we and most of the sites we have linked to in this list are about. Has been writing about American ‘soccer’ a lot lately, but don’t let that put you off… I jest.

1 Nil Down 2 One Up – A blog focussing on Arsenal, with a pleasing amount of in-depth research, tactics and scouting reports.

89thMinute – Sometime Proven Quality writer Jeremy Lebor and friends’ blog. Has a lot of articles about Arsenal, and some reporting on other European football.

Football Digest – General football blog and news roundup.

Nerazzurri World – Covers everything relating to Inter Milan, in English.

Gung-Ho-Football – A general football blog, covering mostly English Premier League teams.

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