Three Guys One Cup

Three guys, one filthy, filthy name. In this guest post three amigos invite you to join them on their romantic voyage to the FA Cup final. Here at Proven Quality we’re behind them all the way, and thanks to the wonders of the internet, you too can follow their travels.


Firstly, we’re not three men violating the best china. If you were hoping for that, you’re in the wrong place…

We’re two young chaps who work in advertising agencies and one other bloke who works for a publishing house. Collectively we have far too much time on our hands and an unhealthy obsession with futile football trivia.

IMG_0053_Entrance_retouchWe aim to follow every round of this year’s FA Cup, from the extra preliminary first round all the way to the final at Wembley.

It’s winner stays on and we’ll be following the victorious side from each tie – no matter where in the UK it might take us.

But it’s not gonna be easy. They’ll be times when we’re crippled with regret. Times when Blyth Spartans run out chips before half-time. Times when the toilets at Chippenham United are out of order. Times when we’ll be driving back from a Wednesday night replay in Tranmere, arguing over who came up with the stupid bloody idea.

But they’re the moments that will make our quest. And they’re also the moments that will make reading our match reports that little bit more satisfying.

IMG_1796_RetouchWe’ve already witnessed a 5-1 mauling in the game between Quorn FC and Holbrook Sports. We then saw a much closer affair between Basford Utd and Quorn FC that finished 2-2. The replay was an FA Cup epic: a last minute equaliser from Quorn took the game to a shootout that finished 5-3 to Basford. And let me tell you, it doesn’t get much more magical than that.

But all this is only the beginning. Our next fixture is a first qualifying round clash between Basford Utd and Matlock town on the 14th of September. From there, our fate will be in the hands of the likes of Georgi Kinkladze and other FA Cup draw cameos, pulling balls from a bag, unaware that they could potentially make or break our weekend.

So, if you fancy yourself a bit of grassroots enthusiast or are curious as to what the grub at Macclesfield Town is like, why not follow us on Twitter? Or better still, visit our website and read some of our previous match reports.



Founder of Proven Quality and a network of Football news aggregator sites, John lives in Spain, and has also lived in France, Germany and the UK. John can be found tweeting under the provenquality handle.
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