World Cup 2014 Magic Moments – Seferović in the lead so far

Haris Seferović

No doubt when we get to the Final of this year’s World Cup the various television broadcasters will be compiling their lists of Magic Moments. Some of the more original thinking broadcasters may even come up with a revolutionary concept, perhaps even do their own thinking and not throw out to the various social media or pay to enter competitions via extortionate mobile phone service providers.

It would be very glib to deride the wall to wall coverage we’re getting from Brazil because, let’s face it, the cost of getting their and following the various national teams across the fifth largest country in the world is colossal. Besides television allows armchair fans the chance to see many different styles of play and philosophies. Anyway, if you don’t fancy the style of any particular broadcaster or commentator then you could switch to radio commentary or even stick some music on and bombard your audio senses with some decent music and still get your visual football fix.

Some people don’t want to miss a second, thank goodness for ‘pause live tv’, others simply rewind when they get back with their cuppa. But the blanket coverage of the 2014 World Cup allows us to pick our Magic Moments secure in the knowledge that we haven’t missed some obscure occurrence unless of course we fall asleep just before 1am at one of the later kick-offs.

After just four days of the tournament my top Magic Moment was Robin Van Persie’s magnificent header against Spain. It was so unique that there is unlikely to be a better or more innovative header for some time to come. It was tip top from just about every perspective. And Gary Lineker hit the nail on the head by using the one, perfect word to describe it while the rest of his pundit colleagues were suffering a bit of the old verbal diarrhea searching for the right superlative. Gary praised RVP for his awareness.

Awareness by Robin of; the position of the ball, where and how high it was going to bounce, where the goalkeeper was in relation to his line and aware of how precise contact with his forehead, on the ball, he was going to have to be to take advantage of all of the above. In the end he was perfect and scored one of THE great World Cup goals.

I did state that WAS my top magic moment but that was topped on Sunday during the game between Switzerland and Ecuador- yes I must get a life- but at least I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep during that game. I was conscious for the goals that saw the score line level at 1-1 going into stoppage time. ‘Both teams seem to have settle for a point’ said the commentator who had helped send me to sleep with his rote relation of the stats sheets provided by FIFA. Not a bit of it.

What happened during the 94th and last minute of stoppage time is my new Number 1 Magic Moment, until the next time.

Valon Behrami made the tackle of the tournaments so far to deny Ecuador a certain winner, deep into stoppage time. But the Swiss player, not content with preventing a goal quickly turned defence into attack with a lung-busting break downfield. He was baulked but perhaps the best refereeing decision of the tournament signalled play on and Behrami played the ball to Ricardo Rodriguez who raced down the left flank as the clock went into the last of four minutes added time. Rodriguez whipped in perhaps the best cross of the tournament so far (I hope you were watching England) to the near post. It was there that substitute Haris Seferović, just four Le Liga goals for Sevilla in 19 games last season, swept the ball high into the roof of the net to secure all three points, which had seemed unlikely 30 seconds earlier, for the team that sits sixth in the FIFA World rankings.

 That is my Magic Moment, so far!

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